Biggest mistakes made when refitting your office

During the course of its life, your office will require refitting periodically; there are a couple of reasons for this, firstly, even the most modern office will eventually become out dated and no longer fit for purpose, causing much frustration amongst your workforce and causing a severe dent in the potential efficiency of you company’s employees. The other reason being that overtime, things will get damaged and broken and the furnishings that once made your office what it is will eventually become dated and tacky and make your entire office look like a nostalgia sitcom.

So eventually you will need to hire some contractors to handle your commercial office fitout, however, it can be a process which requires a certain amount of care and planning in order to prioritize what you need to spend money on and what exactly it is that you want to get out of the money you are spending. Many companies rush into this process without fully weighing up all potential outcomes and we will take a look at some of the most common mistakes that these companies make.

Lacking in power point’s and data access

If you plan on having an up to date office with some brand new computers and office equipment to replace your painfully slow and inefficient old equipment that your office hated, then it will require you to think more in-depth about how these devices will all be connected up when you eventually put in the desks and chairs and other furnishings. And it’s vital for smaller to medium sized businesses that don’t have the luxury of a higher budget, that this is one of your top priorities. After all, the things you want to avoid is dangerous daisy chaining which becomes a fire and a trip hazard.

So when making your plans you want the rest of the office be designed around where your employees can easily tap into the internet and power supplies that they require to get their jobs done. So place desk groups and meeting rooms according to where they are best connected. Failure to do this will, as we discussed, mean that you have to daisy chain multiple extension cords together, which is a very dangerous thing to do and if you happen to be investigated by the health and safety authority for your jurisdiction then you could potentially face legal issues over it.

Cutting corners

We are not talking about drafting in some of your staff to pitch into helping with the painting work, in fact, we would encourage that as a great way to help get your employees involved and caring about their workspace. We are more talking about taking into your hands planning responsibilities that really should be left to the professionals to coordinate and execute based on their knowledge and experience with jobs of this kind. Interfering in this process will only cause you far more time, money and effort than paying for it to be carried out by a professional in the long run should you slip up.

Presenting your working space as a professional, comfortable and productive environment requires skill and knowledge in building and advance design techniques and even what seems like a small job to the laymen can quickly escalate to the point where you have problems coming out of every attempt to get something done, taking up even more of your time. So if the work involves more than merely painting a wall or pulling up carpets you really have to leave it to a professional to deal with, as tempting as the supposed saving might at first appear as a wise man once said “buy cheap and you buy twice”.

Forgetting the décor

Many offices these days seem to be emulating that same bland, uninteresting and uninspiring “modern look” which seems to involve completely eschewing any colour, decoration or personality your office might have once had. Don’t follow everybody else, after all, companies like Apple and Amazon actually invest a large portion of money into developing new and creative office environments and they don’t follow trends, they make them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully you now have a better idea of what you need to avoid when it comes to refitting your office.